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954 Turn Signal Mod

04-26-2005, 06:52 PM
I finally got around to taking off those ugly front turn signals.
I installed the lights above the headlights on that little plug.
I drilled the hole and found the sockets at autozone for a gm/ford running light($3.99) each they hold 194 bulbs which at autozone they had LED inserts for 194 bulbs (http://www.jamstrait.com/products.html) they hold four amber LED's. about 15 min to install the lights. The signals blink a little faster because of the smaller bulbs but it works.





How to

This is how I did installed the lights. I am sure there are many ways and different sockets to use. Also this will make your signals blink alot faster due to the smaller single filament bulb.

I used sockets from autozone $3.99 they are marker light sockets for ford/gm.
I got LED inserts for the 194 bulb also from autozone, or Jamstrait.com

I used a 1/2 inch drill bit to drill the holes use a smaller bit first to try and center it as much as possible. The sockets are a cream color I painted them black to match the plastics.

Pull the old turnsignals off. I cut the wires by the signal itself but left enough room to reattach them if necessary, disconnect the wires you cut at the plug. you can attach the new socket wires to the cut wires and still be able to disconnect them if need be.

The sockets have clips on the inside lip to hold them in place with this socket I had to cut them off I used a file for the rest of the fitting to make the socket fit tight. I installed the socket using clear RTV silicone (its easy to get off to replace the bulb and it keeps the water out.

The wiring: the solid green wire the one by itself is the ground and the other solid wire is for the blinker the one that has strips or other lines is the running light which if you want it can be used to power other 12v accessories. Use a splice and connect the wires test the light and then push it into place with A light coat of RTV. I wrapped the wires in black electrical tape and tucked it under the wire loom.